Add Icon Image In the Header Of your Weg Page

Add Icon Image In the Header Of your Weg Page | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Check out Search Box of your Browser and look you will find a default image for all blogs with blogger icon. But if it is some old blog and they are well know with the hacks of blogger than your will find their own icon in front of their blog name as shown in the below image

Now I am sure that your will also like to have the same trick applied on your very own blog. Don't Worry Here is a solution for you. I will Explain You the whole process.

First Choose an Image that you will like to add in front of your blog name and if you are good at drawing then create your own icon with Coral Draw or Photo shoot else choose for readymade image.

Then Host your choose image on some of best image hosting sites as or . Get the Hosting Direct link from these sites for your uploaded image

After doing this now return your blog template edit click on edit html . Look for Head and place the blow code under the Head

link rel="’shortcut" href="%20%E2%80%98YOUR" type=" ‘image/x-icon’
Start And Close It With "<"

For example my blog header has the code as

link href="" rel="icon" type="image/x- jpg"

link href="" rel="icon" type="image/x-jpg” Now Check Preview of Your Blog If you see the Image that you have setup for your blog header than you have almost done. Save the Template.

Note:- Please Make sure the type of your image if you have jpg than please add jpg in type code the same but if you have ICO Than please add ICON in the type Code

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