Besafe always take your blog Backup

Besafe always take your blog Backup | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Using free services like blogger,wordpress, for your blog. Then always make your self save before we loose all our work by being banned from the big players. They do not ban unless we do something wrong but if by mistake we have done something wrong then we loose all over work.

So in this post I am describing about the blog backup we have to ways to get our blog backup on is by email and second one is utility provided by blogger in draft blogger.

Lets start with first how to take blog backup by email.
Sign in to your blogger account click on "setting" for which blog you want to take backup by email.then click on "Email". We found "Blog Send Address" type your another email id to which your want to save your every post. And that is done.Now when ever you post you will get every post automatically mailed to your mail box.

Now come to second method sign in to your account using .
Click on setting. On the Basic setting we find blog tools in which we find Import blog - Export blog - Delete blog. Now click on Export Blog. and save it on your hard disk. That's Done. Now We are safe with our work. I recommend please take backup with this method every month at your own convenience. This method is also used to import our blog work to another blog just click in import blog and if your want to publish all posts then do what blogger prompts you and what you want. Either want to publish all posts or one by one

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