Use Geocities For Your Java Script Hosting.

Use Geocities For Your Java Script Hosting. | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As Google has stopped the new sign-ups for the Google Page Creator. And Alternate it has given as Google Sites. But There is a Problem that Google Sites are not supporting the upload of the Java Script. So Those who have Old Account with Google Page Creator they have no problem with hosting of their Java files. but Like Me Who Has no Account with Google Page Creator but has Signed with the Google Sites facing problem of the hosting java files.

But I found a Alternate Until Google Does Not Rectify This hosting problem. So Sign up to for the hosting of your files. It Gives us 3 GB of Data Transfer and 15 MB of Total Space. So We Don't Need to get Any other Paid Service This is Alternate to Use of the Service for Google Sites.

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Anonymous said...

Well many other alternates are there, with lot more data transfer limit and lot more space. Latest news says Geocities are going to shut down soon. I wrote an article with lot more options for uploading and hotlinking javascript and other files for free. read it here

Gurpreet Singh said...

Thanks for your Suggestion Geocities is closing for new signups not for old ones. So I think have not worried about it.

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