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Writing your Own About Me Page | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Many of the Professional bloggers advice that first of all always write your own about me page before starting any blog or website. Just for a simple example Pick a book and you will see first few page filled up with the content/index of book including the page written for author of the Book. So if you have a good blog or website but did not explained your self in about me page than some of the peoples who always wants to know about you but they never get information about you. So first Write About me Page.

"Now There Are Some Points you must have to cosider before writting your about me page.
Start your about me page with details of who are you ,where from are you. Then come to your expertises what do you think. Next tell about your goals and what ideas you have to fullfil your goals. In last don't forget to wrtie your contact address like mail me at ......."

From below "About Me " page Exapmle you will understand every thing.

Hi, I’m Gurpreet Singh and I write Eknol (who Gurpreet is) to help New Bloggers from full-time busniess man to part time blogger (the reader’s problem or goal). I started ludhyana.blogspot.com in 2006 (Gurpreet’s expertise – shows he has been blogging from last two years) to help other bloggers who are completely unknown with blogging. To contact me, please email kainthblog at gmail dot com (how to contact Gurpreet).

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sm said...

nice blog ,good suggestions for new bloggers

see you later


sm said...

ty for visit and comments.feel free to give suggests i will like it.Please come back again .should i put more pics ? remove jokes archive ?
your all suggestions are welcome .
see you later

The Guru said...

I agree. Earlier I had started my blog on gadgets & technology tips which had NO page/post on About Me. I learnt the lesson hard way and when I started my new site, I made sure I had a simple but good About Me page... This indeed has made my life delightful now...

oto said...

nice tutorial.

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