Maximum And Perfect Use of Your Comment Power

Maximum And Perfect Use of Your Comment Power | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Comments Are A One of The major traffic source. And If you are a good writer using the power of comments for your blog popularity, Than Maximize it by learning this simple thing. I Found many of the blogger comment on high on many blogs but they keep their blogger profile private not explore to the public. But while commenting they use their blog profile. This is Wrong. I Visited Many of the Good Commentors but found that " The Blogger has not shared his Identity or profile with Others" I Find Nothing to See Not their profile & Not Their Blog. And this is the Disadvantage of Commenting Power we get nothing from this wasted our Time, Money & Energy to Leave Comments.

Now What we can do. Yes there is a Way That Can Make our efforts power full in just a click Now Look At the Below Picture This Is the Snap shoot of Comment Form In Blogger.

Choose as Identity Then Choose Name/Url Enter Your name & Url of Your Blog/Website. That's It And Soon You Will Rock Out By Maximizing your Blog Commenting Power. So Next Time You are going to Comment On someone's Blog Don't Forget To Use of Click on Name/Url Identity. This Way You Can Direct send visitors to your blog And Hide Your Profile Easily.

Now Don't Forget To Leave A Comment About This Post using Your Name/Url On this Blog.

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