Schedule Your Tweeter Messages To send In Future Date & Time

Schedule Your Tweeter Messages To send In Future Date & Time | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Do You use tweeter on regular basis and your followers are always looking for your updates. But In Coming Days you know that you will be going to be busy in some personal/official or any other kind of work. Than how can you tweet for your followers so here is a Solution of Future tweet. An Web based free application which makes your happy with your future tweets.

A Free web service which make us to send our tweets at a specific time subsequently or reoccurring Tweet daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Most of it never forget some one's birthday,marriage anniversary or any other occasion which is really not forgettable.

Apart from this you can have some other features for fun.
•You can send automatic messages to your beloved friends each morning.
•Remind yourself to on your special occasion to arrange a party.
•You can send the constant updates to make friends that you are online.

Moreover you can use this Future Tweets in the way you want. In order to use this you have to create a free account or you have to use Open ID.

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