How much you are earning From Group Mailing & How Long It Runs

How much you are earning From Group Mailing & How Long It Runs | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Are You A Blogger of that type Who Prefer to increase their visitors by using group mails through yahoo ,Google and other available source of group mailing. Then here is a question for your how much you are earning from this work, how long you spend your timing to make a mailing list, And in last how long your this work goes.

In My last article Make Sure You Are Not A Spammer I tried the same thing but now in this article here is some questions for all of us.

We keep mailing & mailing our visitors ,earning & google rank increases only due to this kind of traffic. But one thing we forget that this traffic is not good on the base of quality. They come check click & leave don't & never come back unless we again do the our mailing process.

And we do hard work to search our content,photo and videos for blog. But we don't know that if google comes to know about our process (One day they really come to know) then they kick out our blog out of their search engine. Then we hardworking is not worth.That means we have no more quality readers & visitors.

in Last about earnings As google their adsense depart will also check time to time about the visitors & quality of visitors then if they come to know they will blog your sites for ads or may be they will block your whole account then what will you do??? Now we have nothing to do.

So next time to Any of us going to use Groups to Increase Traffic then please think about this first that one day Google comes to know about that & our Blogs kicked out of search Engine & We Will have noting to earn this time.

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