How to generate traffic to your blog through stumbleUpon.

How to generate traffic to your blog through stumbleUpon. | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Are You Using StumbleUpon for your bookmarking and As A Blogger Use it for your traffic increase than Here is a some tips that can make your stumble upon traffic rocking & soon you will receive a great amount of traffic from stumble upon.

As One Of The Big Thing in Blogging is traffic . we Do Good content & making comments on their blogs use forums for giving solutions & asking question but still always worried about how we can get a big amount of traffic. Then You are only one step behind from the big solution.One of the easiest way to get traffic to blog is through Stumble Upon. The traffic from StumbleUpon is quick and unlike other social media sites you don't require a lot of votes to get visitors.

After Joining this Great start submitting blog posts and manage to get some votes and see visitors coming to your blog. Another good thing with stumbleUpon is traffic is sustained.This means you will get traffic as long as people keep on giving thumbs up to your posts.

Here is a Video I Found For You guys on Youtube That Can Much Better Help. This is somewhat long video (9:54 minutes) but is worth watching.Hope you would enjoy watching this one.

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Me.Myself said...

I am still working on this stumbleupon stuff. No traffic generated from it yet. any idea?

Gurpreet Singh said...

Thanks for Your Comment As I Read many of Blog Articles of many Big Bloggers They Are Gained Many of The Traffic from Stumbleupon As you I Am Also Doing The Same

Me.Myself said...

I am more than happy to exchange link with your blog, but would you mind writing something about my blog say: how i hit PR3 in 2 months .. and stuff.

By the way, i have become your follower. If you are ok to it, then add my link and let me know.

my blog url is
blog name: IT Blood | The Secret of Technology

Me.Myself said...

I have stumbleupon account and i am trying but no result. Maybe you can share your experience, step by step.

Gurpreet Singh said...

Why Not Dear i Will Write It In next Week So You Are On My Blog Roll So Can I Get A Blog Roll Place On your Blog Now

Yobe wa Kanyenda said...

Nice video. I have had a StumbleUpon account since its inception but never knew one could do that. I am possibly one of those people who just subscribe to anything that comes into my inbox. Will try to utilise it and see what happens:

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