How To use Twitter As Reminder Or Clock

How To use Twitter As Reminder Or Clock | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Do you Ever Forget To Do Some Urgent work while surfing on the net. Then Here is A solution of your problem. Twitter Timer is a bot which helps us set an alarm for things you need to remember. Just Try it now Don't Forget to Join this on twitter.

Once You Have Joined This Just Send a Direct Message To Timer. If you’re sending a direct message via SMS/Twitterific, use the format below (if you’re using Twitter’s direct message interface, you can leave off the d timer bit. More info on direct messages can be found here.):

d timer [# of minutes until reminder] [your message]

Example: d timer 60 check parking meter (will remind you to drop a quarter in 60 minutes)

Note: 5 minutes is the minimum amount of time that you can set. In addition, if you forget to put a time, that’s what you’ll get by default.

Timer will then tweet you back after the specified number of minutes has passed. Please note, though, that it is not an accurate timer; many factors, including email, SMS, and Twitter delays may slow delivery. That said, it’s usually not off by much more than a minute.

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