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Learn How to Protect your Self from Problems | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
PayPal Problems - Find a PayPal Alternative and Forget About Your WorriesDo Any of the reader of my article is screwed by Paypal. Means do you experience the blockage of account and your online saved money goes into trash with no more refunds.

Then Your must have to read more about the "The Bad Pal Guide". This is the only place where you can share your views about Paypal and read watch & ask something about the Paypal.

Badpal is offering a learning lessons that can protect us from Paypal frauds. In this sites we can easily learn that

* How PayPal screws people up
* How to protect yourself, and your money from PayPal
* What to do if you have to accept PayPal
* And much more!

This Site Has A Big list of PayPal Horror Stories. I personal prefer all of you to please take tour on this site may this will help us to save our valued money be sucked by some another one.

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