How To Check That Your Feed Is Working proper

How To Check That Your Feed Is Working proper | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As A new Blogger Like me many of the bloggers don't know and always worried about that how will they check that the feed they are using with blog/websites is valid and is delivering in good shape to our readers. Than here is a websites which let us know that whether our feed is valid and working proper.

Feed Validator This is a great online free tool which lets us to know about the common problems of the feed and gives us the solutions of the problem and guide us that how we can update our feed & fix the problems we are facing on opening the feed validator you will find the screen as shown in the below picture. Just enter your blog's feed address in the given box (Refer to
How To Find your Url's Feed Address if you are facing to find our the feed of your blog.) and hit on validate and this will come up with a report about our

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