How To Make personal contact form in your blog

How To Make personal contact form in your blog | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Do you know if you are running a blog and use only commenting area to reply peoples who really wants to talk to your then you don't know that you are missing something great in the blogging. Yes it is Contact Form. This is different concept then the commenting area. Some times your readers want to mail you directly or not want to share their questions in comment area. Than in this case Contact Forms are help full for us. Providing a contact form in you blog will help you and give your blog a professional touch.

Contactify is a web service makes a contact form for your blog.Its easy To use Online contact Forms. Just Go To Their Websites Register With them and create a Free Contactify Link for Your own. They will provide you a direct link to this form only real people are able to use this contact form means no more spam’s in your mail boxes. And Our Mail id remains completely hidden. Contact form contains name block, email address block and message block. Word verification is needed for senders to send messages.

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