Now Do More With your Contacts in Gmail

Now Do More With your Contacts in Gmail | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As Google's First Aim is To Provide us Greater Services that Can Make Us Happy & Feel better With him. Now Here is Another happiness For us As They Announced Four Changes to the Gmail Contacts these Are not just Changes but Gives Us A Great feeling to do more with our contacts in Gmail.

1. Merge your Contatcs(and an important caveat about auto-complete)
To do this, select the contacts you want to merge and then click "Merge these..."

2. All Contacts
Instead of Suggested Contacts, you'll now see a group called All Contacts which, as the name would suggest, is where all of your contacts live and thus a good view for merging duplicate contacts. You can still see suggested contacts by clicking the "View Suggestions" button from My Contacts. From there, you can select frequently emailed contacts to add to My Contacts.

3. Remove people from My Contacts
You can finally move contacts out of the My Contacts group — especially useful if you're planning to sync your contact list to your phone. Prune the contacts you don't want synced to your phone from My Contacts (click "Groups" and then "Remove from My Contacts"), and they won't get synced.

4. Search across all contact fields
We've heard you loud and clear, and contact search now works much better: instead of just searching contact names and email addresses, it now includes phone numbers, notes fields, and mailing addresses as well. So, if you're visiting the Bay Area and looking for friends to catch up with, you could try typing "650" or "415" in the contact manager search box.

Official Gmail Blog: Four changes to Gmail contacts

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