How To Setup Blog With Youtube Account & post Videos Directly ???

How To Setup Blog With Youtube Account & post Videos Directly ??? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Youtube blog setup is just a simple process of clicks. As we all know that Youtube is a Good source of Great Videos and Amazing technical Tutorials We can Find On this Great Site.All of us who want to share the video we found is great with our readers on our blog/website. Some times it make us lazy to copy paste the embed code from Youtube to our Blog. Now it is easy to post our favorite video on our blog just in two clicks of mouse.

What it is possible & How :- Yes this is now possible We have to just setup our blog account with Youtube and all have in easy step by step process. Currently it supports Blogger,Worpress,Live Journal,Friendster and freewebs.

So Lets Start with The Setup process Please read the Steps One By One And Follow them On your Youtube Account.

1. Login To Youtube First Of all Login to your youtube account with your user name and password or with your Google account.After login see on the right top corner you will find a link to your Account Click on this as shown in the below Picture.

2. Blog Setup Now After Clicking on the Account you will see your account setting as shown in the blow picture. On this window now click on the Blog Setup

3.Add Blog After The Above Step You Will see a Button As Add Blog Click On It. On Clicking This Button A Popup window will come in on your screen As Shown In The Blow Picture. Now From This Select your Service Provider and fill other requirements as username and password.After filling every thing this popup window will show you a list of your blogs on one account select the blog to which you want to setup your Youtube Account.

4.Watching A Movie After the above steps now our Blogs Are Ready to Post directly Videos to the Blogs from your tube in one click. Search for the video of your choice you wants to post on your blog.After searching the video when you will play that video the window looks like the picture shown below:-

You Will see a More Share options I Marked it with red Color line. ( Look at this Picture You see I have covered some thing under the black lines those have Blogger icons in front of them. These are My first Time you will now see these. So don't worry about it) Now Click On More Share option. on Clicking it will expand as shown in the Below picture. Now Select The Blog To Which You wants To post That Video And Write your own Title And Some More Description in the Text Box and Click On Post to Blog Button And you will See After Few Seconds The Video Will be Aired on Your Blog.

Note/Disclaimer:-Sometimes if There is a high traffic it takes more time to post video on your blog or sometimes it will not be published. It is due to some technical problem. In my Experience I got this Problem very Few Times.

In Hope That All of your Enjoyed my This Work. So Please Leave your Comments And if Possibles Don't Forget To Subscribe To my Feed.

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Thank you so much for this post. I was searching for it since long time. Thanks a lot dude.

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Thank you very much for posting this. It has answered a lot of my questions.

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