What Is Technorati Authority For Blogs???

What Is Technorati Authority For Blogs??? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Technorati was comes in the form of helping bloggers like us. In starting it is launched as a blog search engine but later it come with bigger name and more services like services for blogs,Social media and Ping Service. Technorati has Millions of Blogs indexed Into Its Database.

Technorati Authority is Defined As Number of links to the blog's home page or its post from the other blogs which are in technorati indexed Data Base. In Simple Words Technorati Authority is Unique Number of Blogs Linking to the Blog over a peroid of Last Six Months. The Higgest Number of Links we have the Higher authority we Have.

As When I started My Blog I Added it into Technorati Index and see the result As new I have No Authority In My Blog. But As I Growing with my Writing my Authority is Also Increasing In last 45 Days I have An Actual Authority of 15 Blogs. Five Of Them Are With A Higher Page Rank & Higher Authority In Technorati Index. See the Picture As I have Authority for My Blog.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not understand with Technorati, but its give me 18 blog reactions :)

Gurpreet Singh said...

its great as much your technorati blog reaction increases that means your blog is on rise.

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