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What is helps us to find the details for the File Extension. Just Visit their home page enter the file extension and know what is the file about and which program opens this file. They have 26,024 records in the main database; 51,537 registered filetype records and 16,344 records in the Program/MIME type database. File extension helps us to prevent from the virus.

What is use of
Sometimes when we try to open a file and Microsoft Windows does not know how to open, a dialog appears asking if you want to search the Internet for a program. Than visit The quickest way is to enter the file extension into the search box at the top left of each page and click on the Search button. If the extension is in the FILExt database a page will appear with all of the information FILExt has about the extension in question.

Use With Google Desktop
If you have the Google Desktop installed get the FILExt Gadget as an easier way to do this.

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