PDF Search Engine-PDFGENI Make Online Search easy For PDF Files

PDF Search Engine-PDFGENI Make Online Search easy For PDF Files | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
PDF Search EnginePDF is the Portable Document Format used by Adobe Acrobat. It is designed for brochures, magazines, forms, reports and other materials with complex visual designs which will be printed on PostScript (tm) printers. PDF is the best format to publish our books online.

For Different content we use different kind of search engine's services. Like in Google we use Google search for content, Image Search for Images and Video search for Videos. And here is Pdfgeni.com a perfect search engine to find only Pdf's online. To find any PDF of your interest Just Enter the keyword related to your search and it will show the link like Google Search Engine to Related content. For example I tried to search a PDF for Make Money Online and it showed the result as given in the below picture.

PDF Search Engine,Make Money Online

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marketinguide said...


Yes, now we see many similar sites. as pdf-search-engine. sites like this really help us in the search form of pdf files. thanks for your posting.

Web hosting said...

Hi, the search Engine for pdf is an excellent resources,it will make the work of pdf search an ease.All the important file are available in pdf formate as all the text,graphics, images which you created in MS Word can be easily and effortlessly converted to pdf. it also supports interactive functions such as hyperlinks ,markup, file attachments, music, movie and text notes. Thanks for sharing a fabulous search engine.

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