Download update for AVG Anti-virus Software Version 8.0

Download update for AVG Anti-virus Software Version 8.0 | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
AVG Anti-VirusAVG Anti-Virus Software Company has today issued an update for its free edition 8.0. As every Anti-virus companies are updating their data base for the new virus, spyware and Trojan. So in the same line of updating AVG anti-Virus has issued a new definition of latest detected variants of Trojans Generic13.ANQG, Generic13.ANSX, SHeur2.AFBD, BackDoor.Ircbot.IEA, BackDoor.Ircbot.IEB, Generic13.ANOQ.

We can automatic this update for our free AVG edition. For this Check for Updates option within the menu that opens after right mouse button clicking over the AVG icon located on the system tray. As shown in the below Picture.

free AVG Anti-Virus SoftwareClick here to Download Latest Update by AVG Anti-Virus

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Daniel Hill said...

I have tried free versions of Cyberdefender, Prevx, ESET, PC Tools, AVG, and Webroot. Most are just scanners or 30 day trial versions. I got Cyberdefender because it not only prtected me from viruses, but also spyware and trojans. Since getting it I have been happy with it and it has protected from one attack so far. Cyberdender seems like a really good antivirus program. I'm much happier than I was with AVG.

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