GFI Network Security Scanner and Vulnerability Management Solution

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GFI LANguard,Scanner,SecurityGFI is giving away a 5-IP freeware version of its award-winning product GFI LANguard™ to help organizations reinforce their defenses and secure their networks.

You probably consider the security of your business to be an important issue but perhaps not the most important thing to throw money at, especially in this economic downturn. Unfortunately it is precisely this mentality that cyber criminals prey on, so whilst security may not be your priority, the threats are constantly increasing to take advantage of this weakness.

GFI LANguard,Scanner,SecurityTherefore GFI are encouraging business owners to maintain security standards even when budgets are low because the consequences can be a lot more financially crippling. Furthermore companies need to understand the critical importance of security and realize that it goes beyond anti-virus and anti-spam.

“We view ourselves not only as a vendor but also – and equally importantly – as a business partner that understands our customers’ needs and is actively doing something to help. With this fully functional 5-IP version of GFI LANguard we are giving something back to businesses and helping them keep their networks secure,” said Walter Scott, CEO at GFI.

GFI LANguard,Scanner,SecurityOver 15,000 vulnerability assessments are carried out when the network, including any virtual environment, is scanned by GFI LANguard. When the scan is complete, GFI LANguard’s Patch Management functionality allows administrators to deploy and manage patches and security updates on all machines across the network. Hardware information can be retrieved and baseline comparisons used to check for unauthorized changes.

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