How to Hide Any Partition Drives on your Hard disk

How to Hide Any Partition Drives on your Hard disk | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Partition Drives,Hard disk,Computer,Tips,HacksThis is a very cool and simple trick to hide any partition of our hard drive on computer. We all use partitions on hard drives and want to hide them from others as some times we use some confidential data. So in this hack only we know that there is a partition exits on our computer. If we have Partitions on our Drive like C, D, E, F Then I recommend you to hide last one because this will not broke the series and other will not be accessible hidden drive.

1. Click on Start menu Followed by Run, type “Diskpart” and hit enter

2. You will see a text like this "DISKPART>"in command prompt. At this point give a command of "List Volume" It will show you the list of hard drive partitions with their drive letters. So choose which partition you want to hide.

3. Now to hide a drive enters this command "select volume 4 remove letter D".
For example to hide the Volume D or Drive ‘D’

4. To Restore a Drive enter Command "select volume 4 assign letter D" and hit enter

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