Microsoft's Seach Engine Bing Is Live

Microsoft's Seach Engine Bing Is Live | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Microsoft,Seach Engine,Bing,Make Money online,As from many last days we are listening news about the New Search Engine from the House of Software giant Microsoft. Now their Latest search Engine Named Bing is Live and you can start searching your query with this latest formed search engine.

In launching of this search engine Microsoft spent $ 100 Million for companion only which includes the advertisement on Yahoo and Google. Yes it is true Microsoft advertised his new Search Engine With these two well known Search Engines.

So what’s new in this search engine I found nothing extra as we are using yahoo and Google? But something surprise is here for us. What a Surprise. We can’t search for Adult content on this new Search Engine. Means if you want to search some adult content with Bing Search Engine than you are waiting your time. Even you can’t search for “Sexy” If you try you will Find a Warning line as shown in the below Page. Hope they are sensor the web for adult content.

Microsoft,Seach Engine,Bing,Make Money online,Adult,Sexy

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