Raid2Raid Helps to Recover Deleted Raid Data Files

Raid2Raid Helps to Recover Deleted Raid Data Files | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Raid2Raid is free utility software for Windows raid data. Raid2Raid Helps us to recover deleted files from Raid hard drives volume. Raid2Raid free raid data recovery software even can mount a raid volume if the motherboard chipset or raid controller has changed. Plus more, it is even possible to accommodate existing raids on computer systems that do not offer a hardware based raid controller.

Features of Raid2Raid Data recovery software:
  • Makes RAID Transfer easier
  • Supports Intel, nVidia, and VIA chipsets
  • Supports JBod (RAID 0), Stripe (RAID 0), Mirror (RAID 1), RAID 5, and RAID 0+1 (RAID 10) Array types.
  • Supports files system both forward and backward compatible from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008.
How to use Raid2Raid data recovery software to recover deleted raid data files:
  1. Download (1.2Mb) and install Raid2Raid from here. After installation run the utility. Double click on the disk drive, partition or volume from where the data needs to be recovered.
  2. After a few seconds it will display deleted files and folders in red ‘X’ marks. Select the one you need to be recovered.
  3. Right click on the selected item and click on ‘Recover this files’ from the context menu. Select a location to save this file and Raid2Raid will start the recovery process. Via
Click here to Download Raid2Raid Free Software

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Susana said...

Raid2Raid is just like a backuptool i was heard about flash drive but now i came to know about this tools !& i think it is very good for our pc because it supprts all the things thanks for it!

Peter said...

It is great tool that can be used for back up purposes and i am quite sure it will really be of great help to many people. Such tools are of great help and they really prove great success.

Rohit Mehra said...

Thanks for this but recently i got a problem in system & i want to recover my data so i search my through net so i got a website which is data recovery provider it works

raid recovery said...

Thanks for giving me information about Raid2Raid Data recovery software. I used it and get my deleted data back. I am sure it will really be of great help to many people.

raid 5 recovery said...

Thanks for sharing your post. It is really informative blog. I really appreciate your post.
RAID 5 efficiently utilizes the capacity of the disks, reducing the capacity by one disk. In case of a single disk failure, the array can be rebuilt.

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