Gmail contact chooser helps to make composing FasterChossing

Gmail contact chooser helps to make composing FasterChossing | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Gmail is giving out new feature every fort night. In these series of features Gmail come with a new feature of contact chooser. Gmail contact choose make it faster to fill up address column of composing mails. Simple Click on To, Cc or Bcc links and a window pop out. Contact chooser will show all contacts and you can select by click on each contact or select all. This feature provides a great peace of mind that we never forget someone close while sending mail.

Google giving more information about this new feature...
If you use contact groups, your groups will appear in a drop-down menu in the contact chooser, so you can select contacts from the groups you've already created. And if you happen to use Gmail in Chinese, Japanese or Korean, being able to pick from your list of contacts should be particularly useful since auto-complete doesn't offer the same search as you type experience that it does in other languages.

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