Why SEO is Important for Search Engine to Increase Blog Traffic ?

Why SEO is Important for Search Engine to Increase Blog Traffic ? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
SEO means Search Engine optimization. SEO is major part of Blog/website designing. In other words we can say SEO is a process in which we make it most visible to Search engines to receive higher amount of organic traffic. A search engine optimized website can reap huge rewards for your website and your business.

Why SEO | Search engine optimization is important.

I tried to share some point here given below about SEO importance in Search Engine

1. We all search on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN for collecting information about blogs/websites or Articles
2. We visit only first 1 to 5 sites on the search engine's first page and it is a rare chance to go beyond these numbers. That means if we have listed in these 5 numbers than here is a more chance to get highest traffic through search engine.
3. Seo is better than pay per Click Advertisement. Means SEO take only our time and research only one time while we are going to post an article but PPC takes every time somebody clicks on them.
4. All over the world internet users looking on internet through search engine for latest information and they are getting accurate information on their searched topics.
5. Top search engine ranking is a non-stop advertising campaign. That means coming of more & more visitors to your Blog/Websites.

To Why thinking for PPC go and do best SEO (Search Engine optimization) your Blog/website and Receive tons of traffic and make lots of Money online.

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Salman said...

Awesome post.Very nicely illustrated

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Siya said...

This is an extremely excellent blog, very detailed and genuinely informative. Nice write up.

Unknown said...

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a comprehensive exercise of customizing and retooling a website so that it achieves sustained high rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).The SEO exercise is just not limited to the factors which affect the website directly (the on-page and off-page factors) but also factors which determine the efficacy of the website to the visitors and the search engines alike.

Advertising said...

Great post. They are pretty good. There is very good and unique information on that website. Thanks for sharing.

Brian Speidel said...

Search engine optimization is one of the cost effective ways of website promotion.Web surfers look for information from sites that are unique from the other sites.The blog is useful.

madonna said...

yes thats true. SEO is very important. It promotes your website by increasing its page rank.

sharma web solution said...

SSSSSSSarch Engine Optimization (SEO) is very very important for all type of business. SEO is a one of the business marketing tool. It will help you for the following features,

* Increase your product sales
* Dominate your business competitor
* Reduce your business Risk
* Best investment for your business growth
* Increase your customers and Enter enter a new customers
* increasing your visitors and traffic.

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