Make Money with your Blog Roll or Link List

Make Money with your Blog Roll or Link List | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Every blog in the blogging world has a link list can be named as Blog Roll, Link Exchange, Partners, Link love etc. In Simple words Blog roll is one of the basic widget installed on every blog that show that we want to share blogs or websites that we read or that are useful for our readers.

Blog roll is also famous among all the blogger because this is the thing which make good Google search engine ranking. We all use it to exchange links with the same niche blogs. But as the industry of blogging is increasing the use of Blogroll or link exchange is also increasing. We can now easily convert our link list into profitable and money making list. comes with a next level of link advertising program that attract both advertisers and publishers. If you have a blog with page rank and want to earn some extra money with your Link List than this is the best way to earn money. They have very attractive advertising system with maximum no of 10 active blog links per site. There is not limit that how many blogs you have. For Example you have three blogs with Page rank 2 and get 5 links from them for each blog. Means you got total 15 links rate of each link depends on your blog Page rank. Let’s take example we get $5/Link/Month which gives you extra money of $75 per month. They pay through PayPal Account.

Every blog will be approved by them before adding into their system. So join BlogRolled now and Make money Online With your Blogroll / link list.

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Ramkumar said...

Dude are you sure Blog-roll doesn't affect your page rank. ? Thats one reason why I dont have a blogroll in my blog.

Rajesh @ TechCats said...

Dude Google may ban you if they find that you are selling links.. So I prefer not use this way to earn money..

Get Paid To Complete Surveys said...

You have an immense blog. I am blissful to be recognizable with this.

camilynn said...


Good one on Make Money with your Blog Roll or Link List.If you are interested in developing a home based business then can help you. They provide a Top Rate ethical home-based business that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.


Gurpreet Singh said...

Thanks every body @Ramkumar @Rajesh i know it affects but i really want to get feed back of my readers like you so I got. Thanks for commenting

Dwippy DoFollow said...

I'm not sure that blogrolled would work for selling links. They use a redirect/javascript type deal so if your customers what link juice their gonna be out of luck.

If they just want traffic it might work though.

Blog Tips & Tricks said...

can tell me more blogs to exchange links

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