Google Code to Host JavaScript Files for free & unlimited bandwidth

Google Code to Host JavaScript Files for free & unlimited bandwidth | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Javacode Hosting GoogleGoogle Code is a Great & another Free product from Google. Google Code is used for Free code hosting. All of blogger use JavaScript uploaded on external links that help to boost the speed of template loading and reduces the cost of hosting. Google codes are the free hosting panel for our coding files with unlimited bandwidth? For example if you are a template designer and gives free templates to your readers. Then maybe there are many readers could not change the hosting for your JavaScript’s added into templates. So you may suffer a high bandwidth problem.

Google code can help us to upload java files with free and unlimited band width. Here are few steps for start with Google code.
  1. Use your Google account to Google Code Hosting.
  2. Click on New project As Show in below picture
  3. Fill out the form for starting use of Google Code
  4. Now click on "Downloads" tab. Now click on "New download" tab.
  5. Fill in all black fields with required information. Browse JavaScript (.js) file you want to host and attach it. Now click on "Submit file". We have done uploading and hosting our java file on Google.
  6. Next screen will show you the hosted file get direct link for the file by right click on file and select "Copy link address".
These are the simple steps to use Google Code for free Hosting of JavaScript Files with unlimited bandwidth.

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