How to Shutdown Computer & Windows Faster?

How to Shutdown Computer & Windows Faster? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As windows operating system is awesome and almost 85% of people around the world use Windows as OS. And if there is a good side, than there is worst side too. There is a same problem with all the versions of windows. One is shut down time sometimes it takes more time than usually it takes.

Shot down time is mainly affected by the back side running applications. Like we closed some application but it is still running in background. This problem is automatically shown by windows. But one more problem is Windows Shut down time that takes a little more time when you have the Exit Sound enabled.

Try this to disable windows Shut down Sound.
  • Go to Control Panel->then open Sounds and Audio Devices->now click on Sounds.
  • Now Scroll down in Program Events (Marked with Red Color) and look for Exit Windows.
  • Now click once at point marked with green color in picture and choose none
  • Now save settings and try your shut down time.

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Philippine Call Center Services said...

I've already disabled sounds a long time ago but it still takes ages to shut down my computer :(

Columbia Mo Mortgage said...

You might also try setting the Power button on your Desktop or Laptop to "Shut Down Computer". It kills processes much quicker than using the start menu -> Shut Down option in my experience.

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