Top 5 Free Windows Registry Cleaner Software

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Windows Registry Cleaner
To Clean Windows registry we need software because when ever uninstall a software or any applications from computer some files of that software remains inside our Windows registry. and that causes to fill up the space in the registry module that is unnecessary of uninstalled files.

So I collected top Free Windows Registry Cleaner Software that helps to maintain the health of our windows registry to work hassle free and without problem. Check out the below list to choose the best cleaner fits to your requirements.
  1. CCleaner:
    • Well know and most popular registry cleaners in the computer world. This cleaner includes the cleaning of tremporary files along with removing the unwanted registry keys from registry.
  2. EasyCleaner:
    • Oldest one and recommended by the world's most popular geeks. Free registry cleaner is perfect on its cleaning work.
  3. Comodo Registry Cleaner :
    • Comodo Registry Cleaner is a freeware registry cleaner program. This cleaner gives the option of portable software means no need to install it on you system.
  4. Wise Cleaner:
    • Wise Cleaner is also taken as a one of the amazing and cool registry cleaner tool.
  5. Glary Registry Repair:
    • Registry Repair is one of the safest Registry cleaning tools available in the market today. Its scanning engine is fast,thorough and safe.
Hope all of you like this list of Free Windows Registry Cleaner Software.

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Harsh Agrawal said...

Thanks for listing all of them ... Till now I have been using Ccleaner....

Gurpreet Singh said...

thanks Harsh For Visiting my Blog. yes Ccleaner is awesome I too use it.

Price India said...

Ya, I am also using Ccleaner..

Mohit Gupta said...

i m also using ccleaner....

Registry Cleaner Review said...

An ideal registry cleaner review needs to include information on the features, scanning capability, fix efficacy, support, and pricing. Look for an unbiased review on a visually appealing website as well. In the end, these reviews can offer you with a good means of picking the software you need to get your PC running at optimal performance again.

Prathimesh said...

Thanx for this post. I m also using Ccleaner and it’s a very useful for everyone

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