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3G Mobile Phones in IndiaCompare theses Top 3G Mobile Phones in India. If you are in India and going to purchase a best 3G mobile then take a look in below given best top 3G mobile phones.

3G Mobiles are the third generation mobile telephony. This is a latest technology used to increase the speed of data transmission over the internet thus it is World-wide. Now here you can see some of the Top Most Best 3G-Mobiles in India.

  1. NOKIA E71:- When you hear the brand name Nokia then you say that it is of good quality. Here you have a surprising model of nokia brand called NOKIA E71 with a highly built 3G technology with a QUAD-BAND (850/900/1800/1900) which supports the GSM frequency band this feature makes NOKIA E71 to be a world best mobile. Designing of the model is simply superb with a 2.36 inch screen, camera (3.2 megapixels) with a special Key-pad-QWERTY form; it has fast web browser (wi- fi, HSDPA) supports, Micro-SD is a (memory card) of 8GB, battery of BP-4L, so this set is best suited for a professionals.
  2. SONY ERICSSON W705:- Here is other top model of 3G exposing its features. here cellular techno is used for fast transmission of data with Wi-Fi connectivity, designing of the outlook is fantastic, a big screen of2.4 inch(240*320pixels) of TFT screen enjoy with 256 colors, accelerometer sensor of auto rotate is used to download ringtones, it supports with a audio formats, it has a special feature called phone app armory which enables to locate the routes of the locations of any area, it offers Micro-SD card of 4 GB, with a Li-ion battery upto10h(2g) messaging tool is also provided along with E-mail, MMS.
  3. Blackberry Bold 900 3G- Smartphone:- This is another model of top 3G Mobiles with Blackberry brand. This model is widely used by business icons due its hidden technologies. This model is as smart as its model name with a big screen; QUAD-BAND (GSM 850, 900, 1800) advanced technology reaches worldwide. It offers JPEG encoding 2.0MP camera in which digital images & videos can be compressed. Bluetooth & A2DP supports both the audio and data transmission. LI-ION BATTERY OF 1500mah for long life span. It has other salient feature AES Encryption supports for protecting important data. It offers double enjoyment with AUDIO& VIDEO.
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