How to increase Laptop Battery Backup time

How to increase Laptop Battery Backup time | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
laptop battery backupLaptops are the common in everywhere. But laptop battery backup is the problem. So how to increase laptop battery backup time with below given some cool tips. I adopted them and found changes in my life time of laptop battery.
  • Don’t use local made chargers only original and genuine parts are better always
  • More Brightness takes more battery so dim down the screen.
  • If Possible then change the CPU and Cooling performance to the lowest level
  • Main function check out all background programs like antivirus, torrents or auto updater's close all the unnecessary programs
  • If not in use then remove all the external Devices whether it is a USB drive or an external mouse.
  • Also switch off the WIFI and Bluetooth if you don’t need.
  • Try to less use of Standby more but instead of it use hibernate mode it saves more battery then the standby
  • Always try to power optimization with the option given in control panel. This makes a different in running time of your battery
  • Don’t switch off for more than a week if you are out and your laptop is at home or office then ask someone to switch on it once a week for few min and never leave full charged battery unused for more than a week.
  • If you have to work while you are on a journey then try to less use of multimedia functions. As playing movie and music eat up the whole battery.
  • Also try to make your audio function disabled as if we are not using music player it is still making sound while working in other platforms.
  • Avoid running of multiple applications cause more than application means more ram and more ram and processing of data means battery eat up.
  • De-fragment is the great system management resource. Try to run de-fragment ones a month that makes data in managed way and helps processor to run fast and in good health
  • Try to using laptop on a place that gives air from all side mainly from the bottom. For example we are using a table or our lap so these are less chances that laptop get air from the bottom. So try to use a grilled platform that helps to make battery cool.
  • One a month remove battery from laptop clean it up and check the fitting of battery loose fitting may cause the problem in battery life and your system
So we have tried to provide some help full tips that make you to increase Laptop Battery Backup time. If anybody has more points that can be shared with others then don’t forget to leave up your comments with suggestion.

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titus said...

Nice post! I agree with what you said in your blog. Batteries should be taken cared of because it will sustain laptop efficiency especially when you use it 24/7. Thanks for sharing.
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