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Micromax GC400Check our the Micromax Mobile Price List. You will see that Micromax Informatics Limited’s has mobile phones with great price list that fits to the pocket of every segment and not only this their mobile range has a great combination of features that attract everyone to buy a phone.

Micromax Mobile Price List

  • Model No H360 Rs.5500/-
  • Model No Q1 Rs.2400/-
  • Model No G4 Gamolution Rs.4600/-
  • Model No C112 CDMA Rs.1600/-
  • Model No C2i CDMA Rs.2600/-
  • Model No GC255 Rs. 4500/-
  • Model No GC700 Rs. 11900/-
  • Model No Q2 Rs.2900/-
  • Model No Q3 (Ezpad) Rs. 3600/-
  • Model No Q5 Rs.4390/-
  • Model No Q55 bling Rs.5500/-
  • Model No W900 Rs.7900/-
  • Model No X113 Rs. 2399/-
  • Model No X1U Rs. 2598/-
  • Model No X211 Rs. 2750/-
  • Model No X215 Rs.2900/-
  • Model No X220 Rs.2300/-
  • Model No X225 Rs.3399/-
  • Model No X250 Rs. 3250/-
  • Model No X260 Rs.3500/-
  • Model No X280 Rs.3999/-
  • Model No X2i Rs. 2350/-
  • Model No X310 Rs. 4099/-
  • Model No X332 Rs. 3499/-
  • Model No X414 Rs.5500/-
  • Model No X500 Rs.5700/-
  • Model No X114 Rs. 1650/-
  • Model No X115 Rs. 1699/-
  • Model No X116 Rs. 2150/-
  • Model No X118 Rs.2200/-
  • Model No X1i Rs. 2299/-
  • Model No X511 Rs. 6499/-
  • Model No X555 Rs. 7499/-
  • Model No X800 Rs.15000/-
In our view this is complete Micromax Mobile phone’s latest price list and you can easily find phone that fits to your requirements

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