How to Win Customers and get Rid of competition in service sector

How to Win Customers and get Rid of competition in service sector | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Nowadays, Service sector is acquiring substantial place in economy and we are ofcourse a part of it. You may also providing some sort of service or employed in such a company where you are supposed to work in tertiary sector. In such case we should keep in mind such thing which will destroy your credit or reputation in market. You should be keen to figure out what exactly the consumer want and you have to provide the same thing in their expected way. This is the only way to win the competition in service sector.So, what you should do and what not? I'm figuring out those things in topic and explaining the same below. :)
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  1. Give priority to customers query :
    Mostly, If you are atively providing service then It's like to have some queries and questions from customers. You should not avoid those questions by making some excuses. Keep in mind that answering these questions is also part of your services. It's not like you are doing something more than you supposed to do. The only motton should be satisfying the customer needs. When you reply them with due care they tend to trust you more than before, because they were in deliema and you solved their problem. One another thing, Before you start providing your services, you need to know what exactly customer needs, always have detailed talk before going for a deal. That will solve mostly all the problems.
  2. Don't Falsely Pretend You were Right ! :
    Sometimes, when your bottom line employee talk with customer for their query or problem in services, they tend to justify their mistake without any substaintial reason, this is a kind of wrong. If you made any mistake in your work than better you accept it and Try to resolve it in proper way. Train your team member and bottomline employee in such a way that, they do not make such mistakes with customers ebcause it may lead to huge lose in long term.
  3. Try to serve more than you discussed :
    Now, it's a kinda manipulative, but effective one. If you are in same business from long time then you may have good idea about customer need. So, what you should do is, Figure out what exactly want to them in discussion and tell them less than what you can do. But when you provide your services to them, try to serve more than you discussed(bonus Effect) :), Like this will create impression that you are doing something more than others. Actually, it doesn't effect something substantial to the end result but it's effective way to create impression.

Conclusion :

In Short, Everything you want to know is phsycology of your consumer, how much they do expect ? Like if they want proper answer, then answer them like you care for their questions and it's your pleasure to answer them. If they are stucked in some problem due to your service, then apologize for it and try to find good solution for it without wasting your and their time. Figureout what they want, and try to provide more then the expected, because unexpected thing make them happy .... Always!!

Ok this was all I wanted to discussed with you. If you know some other tactics then we would like to hear, thanks.

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