Health risks of Mobile Usage

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Mobile phone has become an integral part of life in today’s lifestyle but besides providing various benefits it also poses numerous health risks. The total number of mobile subscriptions in the world comes to an estimated figure of around 5 billion out of which 303 million subscribers were alone reported in USA in the year 2010. Around 66% of the users take their phones during lunch and 65% has a feeling that they will become better parents if they have a cell phone. 

It is believed that if the cell phone is held close to the head then it will affect the brain as well as the other tissues. In USA around 10,000 new cases of Glioma are reported every year and it is seen that cell phone users are 40% more prone to the risk of having this tumor. Along with cordless phones and microwave, the mobile phones causes various health problems including memory loss and mental confusion, increased problem in digestion, damage to the nervous system, headache and fatigue, skin rashes, stress, loss of haemoglobin from the blood cells, reduced immunity, asthma, effecting the electrical activity of the brain and affecting the normal sensory organs functioning. 

In the electromagnetic spectrum, the radiation from the mobile phone falls between FM and microwave oven. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is the rate at which the radiation from the phone is absorbed by the head and it is measured in watts per kilogram (w/kg). SAR level is the basis on which a mobile phone is rated which indicate that higher the rating, farther the device should be held from the body. When it comes to SAR Limits, Europe stands at 2.0 w/kg, and US and Canada at 1.6w/Kg Canada. 

WHO has put the radiation from the phone in the category of potential carcinogen in humans and it is the same category in which chloroform and lead are classified.

Health risks of Mobile Usage
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