Tell 140 Words Short Story About Your Blog To Problogger

Tell 140 Words Short Story About Your Blog To Problogger | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Problogger a high called Name in the blogging world is now giving out us an opportunity about writing a little story about our own blog on his blog.

Yes it is true I am a regular reader of many of big famous blogs around the world one of them is Problogger.

Today when I visited to problogger's blog I found a Front page story about "Tell us about Your Blog in 140 Characters or Less"

We have to leave a comment on this post about our blog. But this is clearly mentioned by him this is not meaning that he is going to provide a link back to our blog.

He has given clear instructions about this
1. Time period is very less only 48 hours we comment only in next 48 hours of the time from he has posted this post.
2.We have to use only less than 140 words
3.We can use our blog's name in the 'name' field and URL in URL section this will save out words to write on
4. Only one blog not more than it
* I’m not going to do a summary list of all blogs submitted (I suspect there will be quite a few) but I will pick out a few of my favorite elevator pitches to highlight in the 2nd post.
5.Use Number '140' in comment that will help our comment to be filtered from spam

For rest full story please give a visit on problogger we have just few hours remaining

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