Great Firefox Add-ons For Social Networking Sites

Great Firefox Add-ons For Social Networking Sites | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Searching for some good add-ons for firefox for your Social networking sites. Then I have a solution for you here is four great add-ons for fire fox which will make using most used social networking sites easy for you. These Includes,Digg, Twitter And more.

To download Mozilla Firefox Internet browser Click Here:- Mozilla Firefox

1) Bookmarker : Bookmarker - Compare and enjoy the power of social bookmarking, save and manage all your bookmarks online.
The universal sidebar for social bookmarking networks:

- - full support
- - full support
- - Warning: use the refresh button sparingly - del.icio deactivates it after some reloads.
- - restricted - no API
- - restricted - no API
- - full API coming soon
- - restricted - no API
- - full support
- - restricted - no API
- - restricted - no API

Use refresh button to update the content of bookmarks and tags after adding/deleting some bookmark/tag

2) Twitzer : This Add-ons Will Increase the post for more than 140 Characters that the twitter limits.

3) Digg Sidebar : Description

- See the Digg Stories in Firefox sidebar
- Story list is updated in real time automatically, no manual refresh required
- Uses the Digg API to retrieve the data from Digg
- Choose from variuos categories and topics and from popular/upcoming/all sections on Digg just using a menu
- See the description of story by selecting it, keyboards navigation supported
- See the Digg count and comments count in description itself
- Links to story poster's profile, story's Digg page and the article dugg
- Indicators to indicate new and/or unread stories

2)Delicious Bookmarks : This extension integrates your browser with Delicious (, the leading social bookmarking service on the Web. It does this by augmenting the bookmarking functionality in Firefox with an enhanced experience that offers the following advantages.
- Search and browse your Delicious bookmarks
- Keep up to date on your Network and Links For You
- Access your bookmarks from any computer at any time
- Keep your bookmarks organized using tags
- Share your bookmarks with friends or anyone on the Web
- Import your existing Firefox bookmarks

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