How To Make Outside Links To Open In New Window Or Tab

How To Make Outside Links To Open In New Window Or Tab | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As While Writing Article if we have to share some information & links to other blogs or websites. When we give a link to other sites/blog on clicking visitor looses our page or left for the new link they have clicked. But here is simple solution of the same we have to modify our linking method with new one.
First Create A external link for outside blog/website. Now click on edit html if you are using link in your post. for i.e we are linking to My Blog "" Then we find the code in html view as below:-

<a href="">Make Money Online</a>

Make Money Online

Now if I Click On This Code Than I Will leave the Current page on the same window I am reading this Post. And This is how I Lost My Reader.So to save my Reader I Will Change This Html Code By Adding A Simple Code target="_blank". After adding This Code new Code Will Look Like Below

<a target="_blank" href="">Make Money Online</a>

Make Money Online

So Before placing outside blog/websites link always use target="_blank" in code to save your reader to loose your window

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Pert Doherty said...

may i know how to make the easy way..
in one code, it can change all outside link to open in new tab.

you give me good tutorial, but it really wasting time. because we need to edit html every time write a new post. is there any other way to ease this problem?

Gurpreet said...

Hi Pert
Still I am using the Same method to open link in new window. But after your comment I think about it and try to get some solution for the same A.S.A.P. Thanks For Giving me another Blog Tips Idea

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