Use Ful Tips For your Blogging Contest

Use Ful Tips For your Blogging Contest | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As My Previous Post About the blogging Contest 'Instant High Traffic with Contest in Blogging' Again I Am going to publish some tips for new blogger who are going to run their own contest.

Blog Contest is a greatest Idea to Drive Good Traffic On your Blog. But if you are not making some good arrangements for your contestants than your all efforts will be zero and you will get nothing. So please follow some of the below steps to ensure that your contest will be successful and soon your blog will rock in blogging world.

Please take some time to think about the prize you want to give away. Do you want to give some cash or some kind of product for the winner. As the most important part of blog contest the price. If you choose some product than may be shipping charges also is beard by you. Because no blogger will pay for the shipping charges. So please take a moment before you are going to announce a price to your winners.

But if your blog has already some good strength of traffic and you have some good in search engine that may be your luck will bring you some of the sponsors who will donate a prize for your blogging contest. You can publish your request on sites like Prof.Net.

Now let’s talk about the entrance method of the blogging contest. As you posted your post on your blog about the contest please clearly mention that how others will take a part in your blog contest. Whether they have to leave a comment on your blog or they have to write a review about your contest on their blogs and give a link back to your blog contest post and inform you by personal email. Or they have to do both as after writing a review they have to leave a comment for follow up.

Date for your contest is must as if you are not clearly declare about the date that on which date the contest will starts and on which date it will ends.

Choosing winner is not an easy work but in your guide lines please clear that how you will choose the winner. The most traffic sender, the Better review writer or you will choose them with the help of to automatically generate a winner.

Determine Prize Delivery Restrictions:- Set up the time limit for the price distribution time. As if someone wins and you announced the name and mailed then about the wining status but after that on body will give back you their mailing address of any kind of other information that is necessary for you to give away a prize.

Don’t & never Forget to Write down the rules of your contest as this is the very critical part of your contest give full detailed instructions about the entry date, time limit, method that how you will select the winner and any kind of other thing you want to make the part of your contest.

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