Quality Matters Quantity Doesn't

Quality Matters Quantity Doesn't | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
When I Started Blogging in 2006 I think that writing 8 to 10 posts will boost my blog's search engine tracking. As on time I am getting mature on blogging I found many of blogger who writes once a day or once a week. And most of surprise I get that all of them have a page rank of 4 to 5.

How it is possible. Once I puzzled and started thinking that they buy link backs. But it is not true. All of them have not spent a penny on their blog promotion.

Then one day I read an article in magazine about quality and quantity of writing articles. That’s it I got pointed I read full article of that magazine and switch on my computer. Started Browsing all the blog I have looked before. What I found the same thing of quality of their posts. I spent almost 15 days to study all the blogs I have bookmarked for this purpose.

Now all of my readers are thinking why this is. Because as a blog reader I am just like a customer who wants to read on good articles and material. And if I will serve my readers with quality content then they will come back again and again. And one day I will get permanent huge list of my blog readers.

IF I never think about quality but think about quantity than nobody will notice my blog and they read and leave if they found it worthless. But if I will write as per the interest of my readers than they will come read and leave their comments. And the readers feedbacks are must for regular improvements

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