Earn Money Online From your Twitter Account

Earn Money Online From your Twitter Account | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Earn Money Online From your Twitter Account .Now You can easily make money online from twitter account. Shocked or taking it as joke. Please read this on first then decide your self that what i am saying.

Having a twitter account with lots of users for i.e 1000 followers than you can easily make money from your twitter account. Here is a new service from Be a Magpie.

How can you Make Money.

First join Be a Magpie then setup your twitter account with be a magpie. Once you have done with your setup
you can set your ad message frequency from 1 tweet / 1 ad or 200 tweets /1 ad.
how much you tweet that much you can earn.

Not only this you can use your earnings on Magpie to place your own ads. Advertise your online shop, your web site, your blog -- you name it.

Once your first tweet has aired, you can start using your credit for ads. Come back here, we'll tell you how it works.Cash out

You must have collected at least €50.00 to cash out. Once you've reached this amount, come back here. We'll ask you for your PayPal details in order to transfer your earnings.

Also Spread the word and help promote Magpie. For any new Advertiser who signs up through your personal referral link, you will earn a 30% commission of our transaction fees. Not just once, but for the whole first year this Advertiser runs campaigns on Magpie!
Chirp, chirp!

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