Monitering your Website Or Blog's with Free Srevice from Montastic

Monitering your Website Or Blog's with Free Srevice from Montastic | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta

Want to get updated information about your blog's status where ever their occurs any changes then visit to Montastic,a free online service that monitor all your websites and watch them change color as they go up or down. Not only your have to check it online but when ever your site goes down or your server then they notify us by mail even when we got back our site up they also send us a email.

Their Main Motive for the blogger and website owners is to get fast information. They Say 'Know when your site is down before the customer (or your boss) tells you!'

Montastic is free. Completely free. Sign up and start monitoring websites within 10 seconds. Have an account?

Cool features that we get from Montastic :-

# Get an email when your site goes down
# Get an email when it goes back up
# Read statuses via RSS or Mac & PC widgets
# Fun, easy and elegant user interface
# Up to 100 websites monitored
# NEW! Support for https and port number

Using this Site Is Very easy Just Go Register your a account and get notified by mail when your blog goes down. its Easy Like 1,2,3 & Go.

Visit and Monitor your Site For Free Montastic

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R. Patel said...

It's good to know what your site is up to, I find the best way is to keep checking it out.

Gurpreet Singh said...

Yes This I Good Idea

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