Photobucket Uploader for Firefox

Photobucket Uploader for Firefox | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Photobucket a most popular image hosting sites which hosts billions of images.if your are a user of photbucket & Mozilla Firefox than here is a Firefox add-on which makes you happy with image upload in one click from the web

This is a simple extension for Firefox that allows a user to right-click on an image that appears on a web page and upload it directly to their Photobucket account.

Simple to Use just download this extension from here. But This Addon is In experimental version that means you need to login before installing this handy & smart add-on.

How to use this extension

It adds a link “Upload to Photobucket” to your right click context menu in Firefox, when you want to upload right click your mouse on any image and select upload to photobucket, the image will be uploaded immediately.

Click here To Download

Enjoy Your Handy Uploads.

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