Get Social Bookmarking Site's Beautiful Icons For Free

Get Social Bookmarking Site's Beautiful Icons For Free | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Many of us want to make our blog look beautiful,amazing and Pretty. So there is many things that can make our blog look better. One of them is Social Bookmarking Sites Icons.Look at the Picture at left side. you will find a group of beautiful Icons That Make your feel good. These are Free to use only for your personal use not for commercial.

Icon Set description

Free Icon set for bloggers consisting of 10 icons: & & & & & & RSS & & & Each icon is produced in the following sizes: 80х80 & 64х64 & 32х32.

You can learn more about the creation process of this Icon Set Here.

To download your free set of these beautiful Icons Please Click here

Please note: these free icons are intended only for your personal or educational use. You are not allowed to use them with commercial purposes. You may share them only providing link to

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