Blogcatalog indexed as Reported Attack Site by firefox

Blogcatalog indexed as Reported Attack Site by firefox | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Yes this is true Blogcatalog is reported as attack site by fire fox to its users. If you are a firefox user than you receive reported as attack message not on the main page but on the profile pages of every user.

Today when I checked my mail account I received new friends on my blogcatalog account. So I click on their profile and to my surprise I received window that shows as per the below picture

As all of you I am also worried how this will happen is some user use ill-legal things on blogcatalog. May be this problem will be solved in this evening.

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Kirk M said...

I checked this out and it seems if the link to a blog Blog Catalog user's page contains the user's ID number then the attack site warning does not show up. However, if the link contains the user's name, Firefox throws the attack site warning.

This means that clicking on a user's avatar or link within the Blog Catalog site itself or the link at the bottom of Blog Catalog widget in the sidebar at someone's site works okay. But clicking on visitors avatar (or associated link) within a Blog Catalog widget or obviously a "new friend" link in an email message that contains the user's name invokes Firefox's phishing attack site warning.

Hope they get this fixed soon.

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