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Update your Blog often | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Search, Research and Start Blog is a method of being stand out in the crowd of blogging. First search that what you wants to write, and then research that do you have sufficient information and only then start your blog. You started a blog and not updating it on regular basis than you will never get loyal and regular readers. because a non-updated blog always called as a dead blog.
you have to commit yourself about blogging schedule. if you are not committed than why you are going to start a blog. In this case this is best that you not blog until you cant commit.

Commitment is another name of passion. if you are passionate about the topic you have chosen than your will keep blogging about it on regular basis. If you can update you blog on daily basis then its the great think because your reader know that you write a post every day and they come again and again to your blog. if you can't blog daily than maintain a frequency that after two days, four days or weekly update. if you write well and good and your readers know the frequency than they automatically adjust their time according to your writing time.

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