Grammar Mistakes can kill your blog

Grammar Mistakes can kill your blog | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Q:-What if I am not good in English then how this will kill my blog?

Ans: - yes this smaller mistake can destroy your all work and hardworking you are doing to make your blog live in the world of blogging. Be frank before writing this post I am also not worried about this. But one day my loyal reader asked me that “Dear blogger you have done good work but do you know you are doing bigger mistake that you are not checking your grammar and spelling before publishing”.

This comment gives me a shock of 440 volts. I was blanked for few minutes. And I think that my work is gone in trash. I switched off my computer and relaxed for some time. After 10 minutes I went to a ride on my bike. When I come back I have a new hope. Because I think that English is not my first language but I can improve it or can check my post before posting to my blog with the grammar tools. I am a Punjabi guy and Punjabi I am my mother tough. I did my studies in Punjabi medium school and all around me every one speaks Punjabi.

So again I started blogging with a new hope that one day I will be one of the pro-blogger who will help others to write online and make money online. Now when ever I write I never rush in hurry I write my post on Microsoft Word then check it twice and run “Spelling and Grammar” tool before making it final.

Now the one question is here also what if I have already posted entries on my blog with error. Here is solution that update one by one check your mistakes and republish them after correcting error.

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Its ME said...

No lah, English is just another one of the million of dialects of mankind/womankind and it is the spirit in the heart that communicate, mere wordings/ spellings are just carrier of your spirit.

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