How not to be called a copycat in blogging?

How not to be called a copycat in blogging? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
copycat,bloggingWe are blogging here and almost 90% blogger find their posts on internet but only few are here to still stands out in the crowd of blogging. Their whole content whether they write (post) after someone already posted is higher search able by search engines.

Only unique content makes out blog stands. Now review your own blog and check out are you a copycat. Copycat means just copy and paste articles from other source. For example somebody is running a movie review blog and posted a nice review about the upcoming movie. You read it liked it and want to blog about it then what. Just selected the content copied it and pasted it on your blog. Reading other blog is a good idea for finding content but copy paste is a worst thing for us. Read their review mark what you liked in review and additionally add your own comments, Give link.

Next time going to post someone else’s content think twice and look into how many visits you get from search and how many readers are reading your copied content. You will find the answer your self.

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