How to Write(Create) Your Own PDF From Word File

How to Write(Create) Your Own PDF From Word File | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
All of us seen that ever successful blogger provides the free tutorial or idea about blogging in the format of PDF. And most important thing is we all love free stuff. You have knowledge and want to write it into the PDF format. But don’t know how you can create it. I tried out here some steps that can help you to create your own PDF file.

Before writing a PDF file we have to know about the steps there is mainly two steps. One is writing and secondly it converting our normal word or text files into PDF.

1. Lets start with first step Writing PDF

Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer is the main software that is used by all around the world for writing content. So choose which one you will like. Create different category for each topic you want to share in it. Like if you are going to write about ‘Human body and health problems’. Then you can divide it into categories like ‘Parts of Body’,’ Function of body’,’ Health Problems’ And ‘Solution to Problems’. Pretty soon each category of outline adds up to provide more content.

2. Converting to PDF

This is the main step where every one will stuck and face problem of converting files into PDF formats. But in these days there is no big problem as we need a converter, which transforms a doc file into PDF. We have many options in this case. As find online free tools there are plenty of free tools which help us to convert our file. On the other hand we can use open office that can be downloaded from and after installing on your computer easily import Word doc into PDF by using built-in PDF converter.

Now the next level is set the security level for our PDF file. We can restrict rights to print, download, or open with or without password. Just be careful that you don't overdo this -- doing this too much will create more support issues when someone is trying to open your file. After All the Steps now we have to publish this file online on our blog or by the other media of sharing files. Before uploading and publishing please note that we have to publish it in the format of PDF then use .pdf extension this will be indexed by search engines. Or we can use .zip extension but this prohibits crawl of search engine to index our file. But if you want to make it private then ZIP is the better idea. In case of Zip please give full instruction to your readers that they have to unzip file after downloading.

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