Twitter Fox An Firefox Add-Ons Helps To know friends status

Twitter Fox An Firefox Add-Ons Helps To know friends status | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Do always want to know about the status of your friends on twitter than Twitterfox is a Very useful tool (small firefox add-on) for your which helps us to know about the status of our friends.The extension adds a tiny icon on the status bar that notifies you when your friends update their status. Also it has a small text input field to update your status.

We have to do this that Install this Add-on on your computer. Fill up all information of user name and password. And wait for your friends update. When your friends update their tweets, TwitterFox pops up small balloon on right bottom corner on your browser window.If you click an icon of your friend, TwitterFox opens the friend's page in a new tab. If you already opened the page in the other tab, TwitterFox switches to the tab.There is a reply button and favorite button on right-top corner of the popup. You can click the reply button to write a reply and you can click favorite button to toggle favorite status. Click Here To Download Twitterfox

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