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Send Large Email Attachments Using | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Email Attachment,Big File,Blog TipsDo you ever want to share big file with your office staff or the customers from other countries and always face difficulties to send large file like 50 MB or 1 GB. Because major free email service providers give us only upto 10 MB of email attachment. In this case we use other servers like Rapidshare or Ziddu but they also give upto 300 MB of file size only. In this case we have a new service named Filemail. This service has three Brands free,premium and corporate.

Free User
No registration required
Max file size is 2GB
Easy to use (atleast we hope so)
Upload window allows selecting multiple files

Premuim User
Send up to 10 GB
Personal address book
Additional password protection
Keep track of uploads and downloads
Only $4 a month

Corporate User
Send more & bigger with extended availability
Receive files from your corporate uploadpage
Brand Filemail with your graphic and colors
File delivery tracking
SSL (https) & realtime file encryption
Extended support
Price per year $550

How To use Filemail
1. First, the files you want to send are uploaded to one of several servers located in Oslo (Norway) and San Diego.
2. A small e-mail is delivered to the recipients, containing a short message from you and a hyperlink where the files can be downloaded.
3. The recipients click the hyperlink in the e-mail, and are taken to the download page. After the specified number of days/number of downloads, the files are removed completely from their servers.

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