How To Make Money Online With Metacafe using your Videos

How To Make Money Online With Metacafe using your Videos | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Metacafe,18,Video,Make Money,OnlineAre you one of those people who love to shoot some nice and interesting videos? Then here is an opportunity for you to make money online with Metacafe's Producer Rewards™ program. I am not joking if you are really serious about making good videos for your fun or hobby then you can make money from them. You have to take care of quality of video and that you own whole rights to the video. Means adult video/Any other video which shows hate full material for others and the videos which are not owned by you will not be entertained for making money.

Metacafe's Producer Rewards™ program pays you $5 for every thousand views your video gets on our site. Payment starts after your video reaches 20,000 views and has a rating of 3.00 or higher - which tells us that the viewers like the video.

Here is a List of top Earners with their earnings.

1 Kipkay $122,199
2 Liv Films $55,196
3 fishinglivebait $45,142
4 massagenerd $39,199
5 shootingeggs $30,537
6 Reel Stunts $29,080
7 jeff3230 $28,907
8 maverick99 $26,060
9 spacepaintings $25,477
10 loup226 $23,396

So hope next be you to earn money with your videos. Best of Luck

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Yes Metacafe will honestly give money ! The ideas here are amazing I recommend someone to try them ! I did the magic idea and look where it got me !

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